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Stories about addiction and recovery, Clean and Sober life stylesYou may ask exactly what a Yeagerian-ism is. It is a thought process out of the mind of Michael Yeager that has depth and meaning, according to Michael Yeager, and usually is a collective consciousness of things he has read, heard or experienced that were helpful or life changing to him and others.   “We are each responsible for how we react/respond to all life events. Certainly in our pre-verbal and younger years we were sponges, simply taking information in as there was no discernment possible, so we decided, assumed took as law these decisions/experiences that we didn’t question. As we grew up these decisions of younger years helped form our growing up decisions and if left unquestioned they became deeper engrained as our truth.   Then the idea comes along and says "All of life events are empty and meaningless in and of themselves, and that they are empty and meaningless is empty and meaningless, in and of itself, and remain as such till we assign them a meaning and then attach ourselves to that meaning, which just means that we have assigned an event a meaning and attached our self to that meaning nothing more. The event itself is still meaningless. We are the key player in our own lives not the event/s in life, the emotion or lack thereof is of our own creation based upon how we believe about ourselves, how we relate to the event, how much history we have attached to this and similar events, what our negative or positive beliefs about ourselves are”.   So in duality there exist a good/bad, right/wrong, front/back and opposites like that. In non-duality, as is taught in the Big Book, not by personalities but principles, judgment, condemning, blaming etc. is removed for the truth which is, what did we do that we are not going to do anymore, no energy is given to judgment of self or anyone else. A simple set of truths.  

Michael Yeager B.A., LCDC, C.Ht, LMT, CAS
Stories about addiction and recovery, Clean and Sober life styles