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Stories About Addiction
First and foremost I would like to offer a big thank you to those who work behind the scenes to provide strength, hope, and courage to those battling addiction and in recovery! You truly make a difference! Each day I look forward to reading stories from others on the journey to recovery! 
My story starts as a young girl abused and rejected. Depression filled my days as I sought to make sense of my chaotic world. As a teenager I found escape in drugs and alcohol. I eventually turned to heroin, my ultimate escape. My life became a downhill spiral. I lost my children, was in and out of jail, and ultimately I lost myself! My life had become devoid of hope. I was lost in an endless chase for the next fix. It was no longer even about escape, but trying to stay well from one day to the next. Finally in the midst of it all, I truly cried out to God for help! Through many failed attempts and falling flat on my face, God was there! He was intricately weaving together a wonderful plan for my life that I couldn't quite see. I still don't know it all and I've come to realize I never will, but each day I am growing and learning on this wonderful journey. This month marks my 2 year anniversary! I am clean and sober! I have my children back, the start of a wonderful career, and a renewed sense of purpose! Today it is my hope to inspire others on the road to recovery! There is hope my friends! I leave you with a poem I have written:
A Poem for the Broken Hearted ♥;
Once Upon a time, there was a little girl.
She had a broken heart, that nobody could heal. 
She took it to the doctor, To try and have it fixed.
He handed back the pieces. "I am not skilled for this."
She gave it to a man, who promised to love her forever.
But when all was said and done, her broken heart was severed. 
She searched high and low for a way to stop the pain.
She tried every cure known to man, but her strength began to wane.
So alone the little girl sat, with her broken heart in hand.
The tears fell down like rain, no more pain could she withstand. 
Then a voice came out of nowhere, "I know someone who can. 
He'll fix your broken heart. Let me lead you to this man."
"I've traveled oh so far, I can not make the voyage."
"He'll meet you where you are," Said the voice so full of courage. 
The little girl closed her eyes.The story couldn't be true.
But after all the dissapointments, she had nothing left to lose.
"Lay your heart right here," said the voice so clear and plain.
"Put it on this alter, and call upon his name.She took her broken heart, so mangled and abused and laid it on the ground,
For to give up she refused.
She closed her eyes tightly,
But the tears she could not hide.
Finally ever so softly, 
"Jesus," the little girl cried.
And just when all seemed lost, and she thought no one had heard, 
A gentle hand wiped away her tears and spoke these very words.
"I know it's not been easy. I saw you as you wept.
I know how much it hurt you. All your tears I've kept." 
"They're numbered in a bottle, that sits upon a shelf,
And when I see those tears, I start to cry myself."
"I'm acquainted with your sorrow. I know your every fear.
I've never left your side and I never will my dear." 
"I waited oh so long, to hear you call my name.I knew if you could just believe, you'd never be the same."
So he handed back her heart. Her eyes could not believe,
The sight that she beheld, Her heart was in one piece.
No cracks, no scars, no wounds, could be found in the little heart, 
For Jesus he had healed it, right from the very start.
The minute she had set it down, he made that old heart new.
He turned her beauty into ashes and he'll do the same for you. 
Just ask, then lay your burden down, and call upon his name.
One thing I can promise you, you'll never be the same.
When all else has failed and all seems lost,
And you have tried it all, 
Remember the story of the little girl, 
And you'll know who to call.

Written by: Tiffany A. Jackson