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I have 13 months clean and sober and extremely grateful to be alive and well today. I found this poem in my file that I wrote on April 2 - 2012. I was 2 weeks clean in treatment. I graduate mhfh in Atlanta on June 1st. Life gets better every day!
The merry go round goes round and round and where it stops I can be found- hell is the place I chose to be hoping one day I would be free- Meth is the dope that kept me there. I said I would quit one day... hoping to survive. I'm blessed today that I am Alive- I said I would never put needles in in my arm. I knew that when that day arrived- it's time to jump off, thank you God that I am Alive!.. Now it's time to live my life the way I should- one day at a time. That Merry go round still spins for one out of control. Not me I cry- I pray for them as I did for me! Please help them God so they can be free! Please help them God that life ain't no joke- I testify for that put down that smoke- God is amazing you will see as he does for me!
Debra  M.