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I Hit My Bottom In A Bowl Of Vanilla Fudge 

Stories about addiction and recovery, Clean and Sober life styles I officially hit my bottom, at the bottom of a bowl of ice cream. It was a "rocky road" to get that point but it was what I needed to get sober & be free. I'll explain & introduce myself in the following paragraphs. My name is Tom & I'm an alcoholic & drug addict. I'm addicted to anything that eliminates my fear & takes me out myself. Needless to say, now I'm addicted to recovery & helping others. That's what the 12 steps & God have granted me. Still & free, 1 day at a time. Here's my addiction history, summed up in a couple sentences. There was pain, misery & a ton of missed opportunities. Broken hearts & tears were commonplace when I was around. Good times didn't exist & gut- wrenching detoxes were routine. That was the road I needed to travel to have my sobriety & I'm grateful for every step. If you can relate to anything I just wrote, it might be time to make a decision, but now to the ice cream story. I look back on it & realize God works in mysterious ways. My household was financially broke & spiritually & mentally broken, but I continued in my addiction anyway. With 2 young children in the house, my beautiful woman was barely holding it together. She's an angel for sticking around despite the torture I put her through. I was a terrorist to her & my children. Food was scarce because I was stealing all the money to feed my monster. We did have some ice cream! I had just gotten high (stole my kids change jar to do so) & I made a bowl. I went into my hole (our bedroom) & began my dairy adventure. I nodded out face first into the ice cream & was awaken by the opening of a door. The look of disgust is burnt into my mind. I was out long enough for the ice cream to have returned to its liquid form. It was everywhere, up my nose & on my clothes/bed. I looked at her & yelled "what did you do?!?!" Even in this moment of glory, I was blaming someone else for what happened. It was her fault I was blowing sprinkles out my nose, not mine. God didn't allow me to drown in dairy that day so I can do His work. I made a decision that day & got sober. That was over 2 & half years ago. I'm grateful everyday & a grateful heart will never drink/drug. My life is good today & I'm allowed to eat ice cream, all by myself.

Thank God
Tom B.