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Terria I just want to encourage all those still suffering in silence and those that are fresh in recovery... Keep truckin my friends... God has a great plan for your life! In your darkest moment and at your bottom He can bring light into your life! He did it for me! With decades of addiction issues, many years of prostituting to support addiction, homelessness, in and out of prison (my last prison sentence was 20 years for manufacturing meth; out on parole now for 3 1/2 yrs.) and neglecting my children... I have been restored, transformed into a new person and have a full life in recovery... I made it to my 40th birthday and celebrate 8 1/2 yrs clean and sober! I promise it gets better and easier as time goes by... Cling to hope for the future! God's got this y'all! Blessings and Favor my friends! Terria