12 Step Planet - Poetry
 - Helping Families with Addictions

there exists a house
no windows, no doors
once you make it inside
your feet hit its floor
with a loud bang
that leaves an erie silence
you desire a way out
the second you realize
the rooms are dark
dingy indeed
and in the corners
deadmen, that breathe
in this place
you know only fright
scores of people
looking for the light
with liquors and pills
and needles and weed
they chase in a chase
of insatiable need
this place is a maze
in which you will find
there is a lock with a key
to deaden your mind
to stop the pain
to end your fight
to play at pretend
to your hearts delight
before your eyes
you view with horror
the piles of people
grow hour by hour
you clamor about
hoping to be free
but find only corners
filled with deadmen that breathe
there exists a house
no windows, no doors
once inside
you search only for more
more liquor, more pills
more needles, more weed
to shut out the sights
of deadmen that breathe
to shut off the realization
of one horrific thing
you, are a deadman
and yet, you still breathe

Michelle D.