12 Step Planet - Poem by James B.
 - Helping Families with Addictions

Stories about addiction and recovery, Clean and Sober life styles"My name is" Jim and I am Alcoholic."You don't know " what it is like to be one unless you are one. I am "Not Afraid" to sit here "Cleaning out my closet"."I need a doctor" at times.Because "When I'm Gone" there will be no one like me. I am "beautiful" and so are all of you too.Remember We cant forget that. So don't "loose yourself". I have found my self. I love myself and I hope you find yourself as well and when u do I "Love the way you are" don't change the new you, Because We will change for the better. We are "SuperMan" for standing up and taking responsibilities. So lets not be "Like toy soldiers" lets stand to together united like Soldiers.Today lets "Sing in the moment" and get thru today. Remember to be "Spacebound". There is no limit to what we can do if we stick together. So please come and HOLD MY HAND and lets get thru this together!!! Remember there is no reason to kill a"mockingbird" it will get better with love. -

Keep it Simple and Stupid- P.s Ladies there is nothing wrong with having a "Azz like that" ;-)