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My Story by K.W.

Leaving home at the ripe age of 16, thinking I knew everything, is not the choice I would have made today. But the life experiences I have had in the last 24 years have made me the woman I am today.   Growing up in a small community, in a loving family environment with them protecting me from the “badness” in the world and trying to fulfill my needs and wants might have been others’ dreams, but it became my nightmare.   Not wanting to follow the house rules and going out of my way to sabotage any opportunities coming my way both personal and educational, my parents felt the need or shall I say the obligation to give me a choice to either “straighten” up or leave their house. To say the least, I chose to leave. My mother decided the most responsible thing to do was to bring me to a home for teenage girls that were coming either from the streets or foster homes, hoping this would scare me and I would return home. With a couple of bags of my belongings and my mother’s words ringing in my ear, “this hurts me more than it is hurting you”, I proceeded to start my life’s journey as an adult.   The first week at the home, I had my ups and downs. Most of my belongings were stolen because I was too trusting and giving to the others but the house rules made up for it. I had a curfew to be in before 11:00. Might I add that I now was residing in the heart of downtown. This seemed too good to be true. After about two weeks, one of the counselors took me and got me on student welfare. Money, freedom and no guidance - what a mixture for someone as green as I.   For the next twenty years, I was on welfare as a single person. I managed to get myself into problems with the law and suffered from a drug addiction. Each time I was confronted with a situation, I was able to talk my way out of it until the last time 3 years ago. I was actually faced with potential jail time and denied bail which caused me to detox in prison.   Coming out on bail with a clean head and a longing to do something with my life, I got into a program and found employment. For the last three years I have been clean and sober and employed for the first time in 20 years. I am taking night college courses. By letting my higher power take the lead with little trials and tribulations, my life is finally manageable and best of all, I love myself. “One day at a time” was the best advice I received through meetings that has gotten me here today. K.W.