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MILK & WHISKEY - I compare and can associate with Jim's story on many levels. "TO be irritated because he was a salesman for a concern he once owned" The self-hatred of the consequences that I created. The mind itself does not differentiate between healthy and unhealthy emotion, only the emotions are there and they are real, escape comes natural and necessary. (We can endure and tolerate pain, but the survival instinct automatically screams protection by escaping or controlling the situation) the response of "this hurts, get away now by any means available." The familiar pain brings about a familiar escape. So the defense mechanism kicks in the BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. To put a lil whiskey in milk, to read it, it's insanity, but at that moment in Jim's life it was sound reasoning. A perfectly sane idea! The truth from the false, insanity vs. insanity. The mind so powerful that there's no difference from the two, only the escape... What seems a simple solution to complex problems we fall prey at that moment to believing the LIE. The deception that this disease characterizes - kills the spiritual light that's within with such a DARK-WILL, steals by robbing the mind of the healthy emotion and thoughts necessary to survive, and destroys the relationships built with my creator and other children within the rooms of recovery...To know that ANY compromise I make with my disease directly effects my recovery!!! "The thought crossed my mind if I were to put an ounce of whiskey in my milk it could not hurt me" I CAN RELATE. David E.