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God is good! Sixteen years today, baby! I keep this picture to remind myself of my bottom. I started drinking, smoking pot & taking speed when I was 12. I never really felt comfortable in my skin, from childhood until sobriety. I put the pi
lls down after overdosing in college. I drank daily after work. Then, as if it were yesterday. I found my dad dead. It was September of 1995. I met a man, moved in with him and was introduced to crack. In 2 years I gave up my life (as I knew it). That included my family, friends, career and freedom. It almost took my life, which I was willing to give. On my darkest days, I wanted to die. I knew I couldn't keep living & chasing that high. When I was arrested the second time while out on bond for possession, I changed. I fired the lawyers my mom hired. I told the S.A. I was guilty & needed help. I sat in the county for 3 months. I had already been to treatment 12 times. I was facing 12 years in prison for 2 drug felonies (class 1 & a class 4). The judge court mandated me to treatment. The treatment center was 75 miles from my home. I didn't look back. After 10 months of treatment in a residential facility, I lived in a homeless shelter. I worked 2 jobs, one of which was where I met my husband. Life wasn't easy, but it was fair.

Sobriety has given me many gifts. I have a loving husband, who I married twice. Our handsome son just turned 13. He is a good boy. He has always attended meetings with me & came with me when I shared with others in recovery. They were there when I met with the prisoner review board. My son was even sworn in & asked if I was a good mommy. They were there when I was pardoned by the governor. They were in court with me when my records were sealed. They have been there through this whole journey. I love them. I have gotten to live the promises. God made a way for me & my family to move back home to care for my mother for 5 years before she died. He allowed me to be there with her as she took her last breath. For that, I am so grateful. I let go of the guilt I had about not being sober for my dad or my grandparents when they passed. Just for today, I am going to step aside and let God work in me. He isn't finished, yet!
Marianne W.