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Hi my name is Leah, I'm an addict and I am clean today, thanks to God, NA and myself for choosing to live a better way of life and be a better person. They say it gets "different" well I say it gets better, anything is better than the way I was living and the way I felt, that feeling of wanting to die just to end my self induced misery. 
Today, I want to live and die clean, I know that when I was getting loaded, all it did was take me further away from the light of God, I was living in darkness and the dark side was trying to take over. My disease wants me dead, miserable and alone. With my NA family, I am not alone and chose not to isolate or be alone and even when I am alone, I don't feel alone. NA has given me my life, happiness and freedom back. Today, I am free and comfortable in my skin. I know that if I am ever strugling, all I have to do is pick up the phone, NOT DRUGS and on the other end will be someone from my NA family who won't feed me bullshit and who will truly listen and care, so if anyone is struggling, help is a phone call away, pick up the phone, not drugs because I love you and want you to live. Thanx for letting me share. Leah