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Stories about addiction and recovery, Clean and Sober life stylesToday, November 10th, I have 27 months of sobriety, and the life I have in recovery just continues to get better and better! I was addicted to opiates and alcohol for almost 40 years, and
I've been to jail, multiple rehabs, psychiatrists, counselors, etc. I finally surrendered to God my last time in rehab, started going to meetings again, got a sponsor and worked the steps. I recently told my story to my NA home group, and I woke up this morning to a message asking me to share my story at one of my AA groups here, in a few weeks. I am so blessed with a loving family, friends in and out of "the rooms," a wonderful church and pastor, and a great job and coworkers. The greatest gift I've received is a loving, forgiving God who has allowed me to receive His grace and mercy and live the life that he's always wanted for me. I pray daily, thanking Him for what He's done for me and for the addict/alcoholic who's still suffering. It's NEVER too late to get clean and sober! I was 52, and I have a wonderful life in recovery!!!