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I grew up in the projects back East …hated everybody, blamed everybody for the way I felt…never took responsibility for myself or my behavior.
I got sober in 1988. I was 3 weeks sober when I found I was HIV+ from my drug use.  Then in 1991 I found I had Hepatitis and then the HIV diagnosis progressed to full-blown AIDS. I’ve had multiple cancer surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation. 
What the 12step program has taught me is that it's going to be alright. 
I am not special!, I am no more courageous then you can be, I am no more spiritual then you can become. Today I'm just smarter. 
I’ve been around long enough that I know it is going to be alright. 
Every time I have put out my hand to help , the program of Alcoholics Anonymous has been there for me.Anybody who is feeling hopeless, confused,  sees no way out can feel free to call me  949-331-6848 
I have had all those feelings and the program of Alcoholics Anonymous has saved me. I am no longer alone and lonely. As a matter of fact , It’s  hard for me to find a place to hide! 

John N
Newport Beach, Ca.


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