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 - Helping Families with Addictions

Stories about addiction and recovery, Clean and Sober life stylesA little about self mutilated until I found Alcohol at the young age of 14 yrs old and fell in love and drank my life away until 36 yrs old and got arrested 2 times to make me realize that I was suffering from alcoholism. My sobriety date is 1/30/2010 so it puts me at 3+ yrs. Of course dabbled in weed who hasn't really didn't care for the buzz when you smoked and drank. My life today is a blessing because I do service work by telling pieces of my story in hopes to benefit someone else and I change my story a little each time to keep it interesting to the older and the new comer by telling the same details but with a new version or expressing the point of my story. I can relate to most people because I can imagine what it could be like if I went thru what you went thru. So let's keep on holding each others hand spiritually speaking of course and keep on fighting the good fight and today is the only day to get right because it's a one day at a time program. God bless you all xoxo :)