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Jackie, Stories about addiction and recovery, Clean and Sober life stylesHi everyone my name is Jackie and by the grace of God and the program of NA, I have 9 months clean. As with most of our stories I struggled with my attempts to stop using. I started out with "soft" drugs at a young age, thought I was only having fun and by 21, I was a full-blown heroin and crack addict. Several very horrible things had to take place before I could ever muster up the courage to want something better for myself. This included an attempt on my life last year that put a man away for 10 years. Like the saying goes, "If the drugs didn't kill you, the lifestyle will." And for many years I was ok with that. I never realized the drugs were only a small part of my problem. My problem is me. Living in today, practicing spiritual principles, and forgiving myself and others are the keys to my gratitude today. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in July and miraculously I had stayed clean long enough and done the next right thing and she was able to come home with me. 
Today I have a sponsor who I love dearly, I attend meetings regularly, and I keep my recovery first, because I know from experience I will not have anything without it. I will always have love for the people who continue to show me the way, the program that teaches us and as long as I 'suit up and show up,' I have faith that my life will get even more incredible.