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Well as most of you who read my posts, i have 24 glorious years of Recovery today. I used from 1967 to 1989. My drug of choice was any, more and yours because my shit was too good to share with you. I was a major dealer in Alaska for almost 20 years. I was also a guitar player in a rock and roll band from 1967 to 1984. I also played in Church from 1990 to 2010. I have seen the entire musical spectrum from being a professional Radio DJ for 35 years of my life. I worked in Radio in Alaska, Oregon, Montana and Arizona. I had the choice in 1989 to go to prison for 85 days or treatment for 30. having been to prison for selling 4 ounces of Cocaine back in 1979. i opted for treatment. only there did I discover my dependency on Drugs. I am not going to waste your time telling war stories because i can't type that long. when i had 6 years clean i found out i was a full blown diabetic. God put 300 syringes underneath my sink and i can't get loaded. is that a funny joke or what. so I held meetings 3 times a week for 7 years in the town i lived in in Alaska. over the next 11 years i moved around to 5 different radio station. In 2005 I had major upper spinal surgery which really screwed up my radio voice. In 2006 the VA Dr.'s put me on a drug called Avandia for my diabetes it causes 3 things pancreatitus, ketoacidocious and Heart attacks. in Sept. of 2006 i contracted the first two and lost 41 lbs and then in January of 2007 I had a major heart attack, i was flown to Las Vegas for open heart surgery, i had a triple by pass and died on the table for 7 minutes. I recovered from that and a year later had another heart attack because one of the by passes was blocked. Life went on until Febuary of 2009 when my Uncle John died of throat cancer, 15 days later a 25 yr NA Biker member was murdered in Phoenix, in April my wife's 12 yr old German Sheppard died of cancer, April 14th I crushed my right lower leg, MAy 1st my brother in law died of Pancreatic cancer, I took my wife to Alaska to see where i grew up and all the radio stations i worked at and to get my 20 year coin. the same man who now has 33 years clean who also gave me my 6 yr coin gave me my 20 year coin. We had been taking care of my 87 year old father for 6 years. 6 days after we got back from Alaska my Dad passed away. we took him home to be laid to rest in Pennsylvania, six days after we got back from that trip my Mom passed away. my parents had been divorced for 42 years. moving to September i had a sponsee with 15 yrs commit suicide. he died before the plunger hit bottom. to top it all off I had an Aunt die from alcohol poisoning on Christmas Eve. so after going through all that without using I figured God was done testing me. wrong i had another heart attack and had to have an angioplasty done. In September of 2010 I managed to break 3 bones in my left foot and tear my left ACL playing wiffle ball . only me could pull that trick off. I also have two left elbow surgeries, both shoulders, dual carpal tunnel, 3 hernias, my gall bladder out and a couple of minor ones. then we move up to 2012 i left a bunch out because it truly does not matter to anyone but me and God. In October of 2012 my Wife Cheryl, applied for a job in Hawaii, by mid November they had called her back and offered her a higher paying job. so we had 2 garage sales, sold my Grand Cherokee and moved to Hawaii. Now I am just a guitar playing beach bum who runs a Mobile DJ service and am totally happy. thanks for reading this it's just a part of the story. I hope you read something that will fuck up your next using. remember Recovery is a Journey Not a Destination and Use the Rest Stops God provides along the way. Big Na hugs to all my family, NA family and friends. and most of all to my wife Cheryl and to God for getting me this far........ JJ