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Recovery is a Privilege Not an Option
My Beautiful Daughter Heather was 9 months clean. She had just given birth to her second beautiful boy. She stopped going to meetings because it was a "hassle" with the kids. On March 28th my 22 year old daughter relapsed and I found her dead in her bed. Her babies are 4 years and 5 months old and they will grow up without a mother because of Heroin. The only positive side of this is that an investigation following her death led to the arrest of 10 heroin dealers in our area. Please remember my daughter. She wanted more than anything to be clean. But wanting it is not enough. You have to do the work. I don't want even 1 more child to lose a parent or 1 more parent to lose a child. If you're struggling there's help. Please don't let this vicious drug destroy our children and our families.   - Kerri Evan Mims