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Stories about addiction and recovery, Clean and Sober life stylesHave a Drink

Have a drink it said to me
I will fill you full of Glee
One went down without a Hitch
Two and I was a complete Bitch
Three and Four, I hit the floor
I Danced and Danced it felt so great!
I Drank some more and it was getting late

I did not care who was there
My mind went blank the more I drank
Then the moment came, when I Blacked Out
The world disappeared there was no doubt!

The years passed, I drank some more.....
I couldn't cope with this anymore 
The life I wanted for myself
Packed its bags and left the house

Then there I was all alone
hoping, wishing for someone to phone?
And then again it reared its Head
"have another drink till its time for bed"
"I'll be your friend, you know that's true"
"It will always only be me and you"
This I believed for years to come
Until that moment.....I was Numb!

I had no thoughts, I had no feelings
Except this life, which had no meaning
I didn't know which way to go
I was that child lost in the snow!
Death seemed such an inviting place
No more sadness only Grace
My mind was ravaged to sick to care

My child stood crying on the stairs,
"Mummy I'm scared"
Not even this, could stop my thoughts,
About drinking even more!
I was helpless, beyond repair,
Crawling on the floor

Now, that's the day I Pleaded to god!
"don't let me die here a drunken Sod"
surely my life can be better than this?
"I need some Help!
I Hate being Pissed"

I felt a warm and healthy glow
and a glimpse of the future, that I would Know

So now my Journey has begun
I found a Freedom, Here in everyone!
A Fellowship I sure did find
It certainly gave me back my mind

There were steps to follow for a better life
to help be a mother, and a loving wife
I'm still not perfect, I know this to be true
but if it worked for me, it will work for you!

Carol P.