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Wow - I cant express in words how grateful and humble I feel. Thank you "All" for the overwhelming support and "Love". It makes me reflect on a few weeks ago when I had the true honor and privilege to sit with a dear friend of many, many years who was at the end of her journey in life. She was in the rooms when I first came through the doors 36 years ago. She was there to give me hope and encouragement. Now, we were there for her, to give her encouragement and support for her process. She was asked this question as we were gathered around her. "Have we Loved you enough"? I found myself holding my breath waiting for her answer. She turned and said, with a deep knowing in her eyes, Yes,yes you have...She passed a few days later. I share that experience with all of you, one to honor "her" - but to also express the Love I feel from all of you.......

Thank you, Bill R.