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Evolving 12 Step Programs could fill this stadium many times over.
Fellowships within the Fellowship
The attraction is creating explosive growth the evolution is helping to save many lives.
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The original 12 step program started 75+ years ago and then new programs grew as addictions grew from that one in the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's. All used the original foundation the 12 steps and have prospered and helped to save millions of lives.
I find that we are at a beautiful time in our recovery as all of fellowships within the fellowships begin to mature and attract new people. The two that immediately come to mind are Young People's Groups and L.B.G.T. Groups. I am sure that many of you can come up with many more examples of how our beloved programs are evolving. The one I would like to talk about the most today are the Young People's Groups that are popping up all around the country. I have said it myself and heard it 100's of times over the past 20 years " When I went to my first meetings I was the youngest person in the room and it was hard to relate" I am confident today that is not the case, if young people are steered towards or search hard enough they can find a young person's group in most any city in the country.
I am not an expert on this topic, nor am I young anymore. I bring this up after working at an Addiction Treatment Center for the past 9 years and consider myself lucky to live in Orange County where there are over 1000 meetings a week. Where recovery is alive and there is strong sponsorship and many sober activities etc.
The five words I like to talk about most are
We - Evolve - Attraction - Enthusiasm - Awareness
Some people may want to say the fellowships within the fellowships evolved on the own, grew out of a need or they were intervened by a Higher Power?? The Bottom line is in my humble opinion that more people are being drawn to these life saving fellowships than ever before. I have never been more hopeful for the future of the world.
The need to considerably reducing the number of deaths due to untreated alcoholism and drug addiction is important to me, as you can see below………………….
According to Real-time
From Jan 1, 2013 - Apr 30, 2013
Alcohol: 32,786
Drunk Driving: 11,085
All Drug Abuse: 8,098
Prescription Drug Abuse: 4,198
People are coming in younger and younger to get clean and sober and they seem to be staying longer now. There seems to be something evolving here that is attracting more and more young people. They are coming in and almost immediately becoming ENTHUSIASTIC about the process, rather then just being the youngest in a meeting and not relating like years past, to me this is tremendous news
Sadly from time to time we hear of friends who die or we hear about people we know in our world that passed who do not get these programs.
We get clean and sober and we get new lives, new jobs, we get our families back and some of us start new families. We must remember how important it is to keep this precious gift we have been given and make meetings, work the steps and sponsor people.
We all could help the process? First we would have to be aware of our challenges (The Big Picture) Secondly we need to understand that not one person can do it all, we would all have to each do our part. Become willing to accept there are different ways to attract people so they are comfortable and become enthusiastic about the fellowship. I truly believe that as these fellowships within the fellowship are growing, we should understand that changing with the times can be good.

Edited in part by Bruce D.