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Stories about addiction and recovery, Clean and Sober life stylesAgain the only way to get to know the people in your support group is when they share. My Clean Date is 4-16-2000. Three years into my recovery I was diagnosed WITH TERMINAL FACIAL CANCER. The doctors had to amputate my nose to take a tumor out of my sinus area, I did that without pain meds. My sponsor was able to guide me through 7 more years of Chemo and Radiation also without pain medication. In 2008 the doctors gave me 6 months to live and I came to Oregon to die. But God had other plans. This whole time I never missed a meeting, was working my steps and traditions and concepts of service, lots of prayer as well. The doctors at OHSU hospital put me in to an experimental cancer treatment program injected an experimental Chemo into me and I went into remission. That was November 2009. Still going to meetings without a nose for about 7 years until they put me through 6 facial reconstructive operations, all without the use of any pain medication. Today in my 13th year of recovery I have 4 noses, because I tan in the summer, so the doctors make me a winter nose and a summer nose. God is amazing, and recovery is possible even when all hope could be lost, I knew God had me in His hands. I love life today because I am in it. How about YOU? Now you know a little more of my story. I love you all. God bless you.