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In 1969 I started drinking & drugs that life was a tornado roaring through peoples worlds where ever I ended up and went on till Feb.22 2007 through Gods mercy and grace I was arrested. God had chose to save a wretch like me. I had been drinking and drugging real hard I looked like a scarecrow in the face and was a dead man inside my son and the rest of my family was a shame of the man I was see I had done well off and on many times but I would all ways fall hard again and again and this time it was at the bottom I was facing a prison sentence and was siting in jail and no one would get me out or even come see me I sat there over 30 days when my court appointed attorney. told me I had better get out on t,a,s,k, program and go to the half way house on I would set their a year before going to court. The half way house was where I was introduced to the 12 steps and the recovery life they told me I had chased getting drunk & high real hard so I had to chase recovery the same way I went to 3-5 meetings a day for over the1st year and worked the steps rapidly I was sponsoring other men and had service comments I was in the middle. to sum it up I bought in to this life 100%. Today I have a way of life that works my reliance is in God today not me so there has been no reason for me to have drink or drug I have found a power that works. Its not always rainbows shooting out my ass there has been difficulty that's when I have to go to God more than ever and my higher power I choose to call God has not dropped me on my ass yet it may not turn out my way but it all ways turns out better than I had planned. I don't know how this all works and today I"am not going to waste any time figuring it out I"am grateful to GOD to all my family in recovery to my son that now says he wants to grow to be the man that I"am today.


- Eddie G.