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I love to watch them as they sleep,
And wonder what fantasies they keep.
In their dreams tame, yet somewhat wild,
I’m filled with the imagination of a child.  

Birds and butterflies, bugs and flowers,
Soft, cool snow or springtime showers.
Warm sun, rainbows, minnows feeding near the shore,
Or climbing and running until they reach the door,  

That brings them inside to their safe place,
To awake from their nap and stretch and bathe,
And groom their coats to sleek perfection,
Then offer me a bit of unconditional affection.  

I’m speaking of my cats, you see.
There’s not just one or two, but three.
They’re gentle and quiet, yet bold and self-reliant,
A bit mischievous at times, but never defiant.  

I’m amused and captured by their every whim.
I’m honored as a human to be accepted by them.
A morsel of food and a sip of fresh cream,
They curl up in sleep, once again to dream.      

Patricia L. Marchbanks Springtime 1993