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Stories about addiction and recovery, Clean and Sober life stylesI feel there is good in just about everyone.. I prefer to find & focus on that part of them. Sure I've seen unkindness.. egotistical.. Judgmental.. thoughtlessness.. etc. Sometimes I have to dig through the murkiness of their masks to find the real person.. It's often through painful lessons I learn. I find my place in their life.. sometimes that place is to be walked on & trampled.. to be invisible until they need or want something.. but I wouldn't have it any other way. It keeps me humble.. Gives me growth in how I treat others.. I'm not one to give up on those people.. I just accept them & do whatever I can to make their life better.. because when I walk into someone's life, I'm there through it all. I know some people watch.. form opinions.. & even might think the worst.. The only thing I can do is be nice.. understand they do not understand, & that that's ok.. If I'm happy making others happy.. that's all that matters. One day I know those people I support whole hardily.. with out regrets, will no longer be part of my life one day.. I will have out lived my usefulness to them.. but I know this going into it. I love them anyway.. I accept that it might not be returned & their need for me was only needed till then. It's never easy to have this happen.. but I know their life was enriched.. even if for only a little while.. but I win by being blessed enough that they will always be in my heart.. & for that I am truly grateful.. Cr Adams.. ღ Peace..ღ Love..ღ & Hugs..ღ Out..ღ !!