12 Step Planet - Courage by Cr Adams
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Stories about addiction and recovery, Clean and Sober life stylesCourage takes many forms.. In hospital wards & sick rooms there are courageous fighters. Our towns & cities are full of people who quietly struggle for a human dignified existence.. day after day. They maintain integrity & self-respect.. in the face of apparently insurmountable problems. Courage comes to the fore when
everything seems lost & all hope seems gone.. The courageous person remains steadfast when all others begin to despair.
Where does this kind of courage come from ?? It is the determination to conquer.. that calls forth a very special kind of perseverance in the the moment of testing.. Real courage has it's origin deep in a person's heart..
& is often fueled by love & trust.
When your spirit is in harmony with the Holy Spirit.. your life is filled with a holy strength, that enables you to face life with courage & confidence.
Be strong & of good courage.. fear not.. nor be afraid of them.

Cr :) <3