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I grew up in an abusive alcoholic household. I always swore I would never become an alcoholic like my father. Famous last words......let me tell you a bit about who i am on the inside, other than I developed a drinking problem. Seems people tend to lose sight of that once you drink and only define you by the drinking. 
I am a mother of four children , three are adults and one is still school age. I spent the biggest part of my life bandaging knee's, and baking cookies for bake sales. I attended church regularly. I have been a mother to dozens of troubled children that no one seemed to care about. I welcomed them in my home for dinner, and just someone to talk to when they felt alone. I have never judged anyone and always tried to help in some small way.

Ten years ago, my husband started having affairs. It may have started prior to then. I have since learned he is devious at what he does. I accepted the blame, claimed the failure at being a wife. I mean , seriously shouldn't someone who does all the gardening, cooking, cleaning, baking, mentoring, healing and having all the answers for everybody else know how to keep her husband?