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Short stories about addiction and recovery
I always knew I wanted to drink. From the time I was a Kid in grade school I paid attention to Alcohol. First tasted it in grade school, my Uncle's beer. It burned my nose going down and I still loved it. Neither of my Parents were Alcoholic but kept a bar in the whoopie room with booze for company. I started stealing it, they didn't know because they never took inventory. I knew that. The first time I ordered a drink outside I was 15, visiting Cousins in Manhattan. We were in the Village and I loved it. That was in the mid-1960 s . My drinking really took off when I left Boston for 2 yrs., for College in Florida. I then had my first black out in the Frat House. Not all my Brothers drank like me but I went with the ones who did. I was never comfortable with those who didn't drink...thought you were weird. After that 2 yrs. I returned home to Boston and got a good job at City Hall. At 22 yrs. started hangin' with those who drank like me. Started going out after work Friday nights, then Thursday too. . Started doing speed so I could stay up longer and drink more...then valium to calm me in the day time for work. By the time I hit 30, I started Cocaine with the Alcohol, then it was Xanax because I said valium gave me a headache . Stopped the speed because I had close ties to get the coke, was proud of that . After City Hall, I worked in Washington DC for 4 yrs on Cap. Hill in the Congress. Was very exciting but I was too busy drinking to appreciate that job. I hung in then got a Railroad job so I could return to Boston. Was drinking everyday now and did the other drugs whenever I could . My life was out of control, to say the least. I was wearing down and so self-centered expecting everybody else to take care of me. I was irresponsible . My Parents didn't know what to do with me. i lived in the City on my own and continued to drink and do the other drugs...hung around with other professional people just like me...always divorces, arguments, stay overs with me at my place (I was Single most of the time yet screwed around lots). AND things got worse, my Alcoholism progressed. At 48, I hit bottom for real. Ended up in an ER , blacked out with an IV in my arm. I woke up and had no idea how I got there. Was visiting friends in Rehobath beach, Delaware. An ambulance got me to the hospital. Other things before this had been happening, especially that year. I was drinking alone at home in my bedroom...had always been an outside drinking, barroom sort yet didn't matter anymore. I was passing out, wasn't like a black out anymore. My Sister was visiting one night here on Cape Cod and said to me "Alfred, what are you gonna' do with yourself? ' the Grace of GOD came in my Life that moment...I called a Doctor in Boston who helped me. I got to Detox that next morning, then started AA. That was Aug. 7, 1998, One day at a Time .  Al C.