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written by "Mark G."

Actively working a program of recovery and doing step work has helped me to realize that I alone am the common denominator in all of my problems. I am moving away from the "victim stance" that I've held over the years after growing up in an abusive household. My Dad did the best that he could, he had a terrible upbringing, and his own father died at a young age, leaving him without a positive male role model. Even though there are still times when I hope to get his approval or love (and do not), I am doing better with the idea that I'll be okay - no matter what. I choose not to be a victim, but a survivor. I'm grateful for everything that he's given me, even though I would much rather have a healthy relationship with him rather than anything that he could offer me materially. I also have resolved myself to the idea that when I have children of my own, they will never have to live the way that I did. They may hear about my struggles in life, but will see me as a kind, strong man that has overcome many challenges in life. I hope to be a good example to them and give them the love, guidance, and undivided attention that they deserve, not only as my kids, but as human beings. It's taken a lot of soul searching and healing over the past few years to get to this point, but I know that it can be done. The voices from my past may still cry out, but I no longer have to listen. I hope to learn and grow from deep-rooted feelings of distrust, abandonment, and an inability to let people get to know me well, as I am afraid of rejection. I am not responsible for my past, but today, I am responsible for my thoughts, feelings, and actions which shape my future - as well as everyone around me, too

Mark G.