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About The 12 Step Gazette
The 12 Step Gazette is a FREE bi-monthly publication that supports and caters to all types of recovery from substance abuse and mental illness to spiritual bankruptcy and self-defeating behavior.  Information in The 12 Step Gazette is presented in an informative, candid, humorous, and entertaining way bringing hope to anyone striving to become the best they can be in the face of personal challenges.
Since the first issue of the California magazine in November, 2013, our circulation has nearly doubled in volume and tripled in geography (as of June 2014).  Our printed distribution includes 12-Step meeting houses, DUI schools, parole offices, medical offices, dental offices, train stations, select coffee shops, outpatient clinics, counseling centers, and more.
In addition to the printed distribution, The 12 Step Gazette is available for download at www.12StepGazette-Ie.com or by email upon request.
There are over 40 million people struggling with addiction in the United States alone.  We recognize the value of combining important information with a light-hearted flair and delivering that message at no cost to the people who need it most.  We also recognize that people in recovery aren’t unique in their purchasing power and/or spending habits and strive to bring this community together